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Cinema Reborn Film Festival is an annual festival bringing newly restored classics to the big screen. Developed by a community of cinema enthusiasts, programmers, filmmakers, screen historians and critics, Cinema Reborn’s focus is on screen heritage and preservation and is intended to shine a light on the long history of the art of the cinema, the worldwide activity of film restoration and the treasures that exist in the world’s film archives.

Cinema Reborn’s 2024 program is drawn from five continents and eleven nations. Two films – Midnight (1939) and Three To Go (1971) – will be making their world premiere in their new format, with many of the other titles making their Australian premiere in new 4K restorations. The films range from the 1930s through to the 2000s and represent an exhilarating selection of the very best in classic cinema across the ages.

Cinema Reborn’s 2024 festival will take place at the Ritz from Wednesday 1 May 2024.

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