Ritz Cinemas provides facilities for those with physical disabilities or special needs. There is an accessible restroom, direct or lift access to all cinemas, designated areas for wheelchair seating, a baby change table and toddler booster seats available for all patrons. All of our cinemas are fitted with hearing loops. We regularly screen open caption sessions and sensory friendly sessions.


We pride ourselves on catering to a wide range of customers from a variety of backgrounds. We strive to provide compelling programming for people of different cultural backgrounds, first languages, sexualities, genders and ages. We also offer a broad range of food and drink options for people with vegetarian diets and various food intolerances (including gluten and lactose). We are committed to making everyone feel welcome and enjoy their time at the movies.


The Ritz has a dedicated drop off zone located within the parking lane directly outside our front entrance. It is the last space and is clearly signed to ensure it is kept free for our patrons.

Our front accessibility doors are located directly in front of this space. They are the end doors at the far right of the building. To open press the green button at the front of the building.


The Ritz Cinema has two elevators located on the East and West sides of the building.

East Side Lift

The east side lift is located at the right of the cinema two entrance.

Level 1: Will take you to the mezzanine and bar
Level 2: Will take you to cinemas 3 and 4

West Side Lift

The west side lift is located off the corridor to the right of our candy bar.

Level 1: Will take you to cinemas 5 & 6


Below is a description of where each wheelchair space is within the cinema.  There is at least one companion seat next to each wheelchair space.

Cinema 1: Located on the ground floor, on both the left and right side of the back row. Four spaces available in total.
Cinema 2: Located on off the right side aisle at row C.
Cinema 3: Located on the ground floor, on the right aisle in the back row.       
Cinema 4: Located on the ground floor, on the right aisle in the back row.
Cinema 5: Located on the ground floor, on the right aisle in the back row.
Cinema 6: Located at the front of the cinema as you enter.

Please note:  Due to heritage restrictions there are no wheelchair spaces on the balcony of cinema one.


There is an accessible bathroom on the ground floor adjacent to the ladies bathroom in the foyer.


The Ritz offers Open Caption screenings three times a week with captions displayed on the cinema screen. These sessions take place on Thursday evenings, Sunday lunch time, and Wednesday afternoon.

For upcoming sessions, visit: https://www.ritzcinemas.com.au/events/open-caption-sessions


All Ritz Cinemas are fitted with a hearing loop for patrons with hearing aids. The loop is available on the ground floor of each cinema.

For Heading Loop devices please visit our staff at the box office or candy bar before your session.


All our cinemas are fitted with a hearing loop for patrons that can also provide audio description on enabled films. Audio Description (AD) is a device that aids visually impaired patrons. It is for specific individual use and does not impact the standard cinema-going experience for non-users. To find out if a session does have Audio Description, please check our Audio Description page here.


We are happy to assist in reserving cinema tickets for you and your companion.


  1. Fill out the below contact form with your name, telephone number, the best way to contact you and details of the session you would like to attend.
  2. One of our staff will hold your booking for you, and respond with your reference number.
  3. Before the session visit our Candy Bar or Box Office to show your companion card and have the tickets printed.

By Telephone

  1. Contact the Ritz on 8324 2500.
  2. Select ‘3’ to speak to one of our staff members.
  3. One of our staff will be able to reserve your tickets and provide you with a reference number.
  4. Before the session visit our Candy Bar or Box Office to show your companion card and have the tickets printed.

Please note:  During busy periods there can be a delay in answering the phone. The easiest time to get in touch is weekdays between 11am and 1pm or weekdays from 2pm to 4pm.

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