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Ritz Cinemas

We are the proud home of reel film, presenting exclusive shows in 35mm and 70mm year-round. 

"The language of cinema is universal, in a time of great divisions, conflicts, transformations, it's really crucial to preserve and share our cultural patrimonies and to ensure that this universal language will speak to future generations around the world." 
- Martin Scorsese

We at The Ritz Cinema are massive believers in keeping "true film" (i.e. 35mm and 70mm celluloid film) alive in the 21st century. In this age of digital cinema, shrinking screens and low resolution, celluloid film is an endangered species.

So as we are all huge film fans, we are doing our best to keep film alive by sourcing super rare and recently unseen 35mm and 70mm film prints to present to new audiences and allow a new generation of film fans to experience the sharp pictures and epic sounds of celluloid film.

See our list of exclusive 35mm and 70mm screenings below, and come help us support and give new life to this incredible medium.