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Whether young or young at heart, movie buff or occasional visitor, this is a movie club membership for everyone.

From art-house titles to quality contemporary cinema, family films and special events, Ritz Cinemas has it all and we want to share it with you at a seriously reduced price - $10 tickets for members, $8 tickets for senior members (additional charges apply for special screenings). In addition to cheap tickets, our members get extra benefits including special access to advance screenings, and discounts on Ritz At Home - our new streaming platform. 

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UPDATE: We're aware ongoing capacity restrictions in NSW have prevented members from fully enjoying their Ritz Royalty membership. So we're extending memberships to cover the days we've been closed for, meaning COVID can't get between you and your love of cinema.


Ritz Royalty members now recieve great deals on our brand new streaming service - Ritz At Home

Each month our members will be offered a number of great films 50% off


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  3. At the start of each month a list of films will be sent to your inbox, along with a promotional code to use at checkout to redeem your 50% off. 


At Home allows you to bring the spirit of Ritz with you to your living room, as you watch movies from our carefully curated collections of films from both local and international distributors. We cover everything from new and recent releases to hidden gems from extensive back catalogues, with some premium content that we’re proud to say is exclusive to this platform.

At Home has no joining fees or subscriptions. It’s free to browse and you simply pay for the films you want to watch. You can log in to At Home using your existing member details if you’re a movie club member at one of our cinemas, or you can create a new account for free. Become a Ritz Royalty member to receive 50% off our monthly member movies.


There's no place like home... 

Due to the temporary Stay At Home orders, Ritz Cinemas will be closed until restrictions are lifted. Thank you for your understanding and support. We look forward to welcoming you back to the movies soon. 

For more details, head HERE.

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