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In 1937, between a Great Depression and World War, a star was born when the Randwick Ritz opened its doors to patrons for the very first time, commencing 85 uninterrupted years of magical moviegoing in the heart of Randwick.

Now our 85th birthday is approaching on July 2022, and to celebrate Ritz is undergoing exciting renovations and upgrades! These renovations retain all the gorgeous Art Deco details you love, while adding some spectacular new features.

An information session is planned to provide detailed information on these renovations. Co-owner Eddie Tamir will lead a presentation going into detail on all the new upgrades, and will be available for audience questions. We'll then present a rare screening of classic film A Star is Born (1937), which hit theatres the same year the Ritz first opened its doors. (Exact date to be confirmed following the lifting of NSW's Stay At Home Order). 

Tickets to the information session are $10, which includes access to the film screening of A Star is Born (1937). To learn more, or purchase tickets, head here.

A brief rundown of the many renovations includes:

  • Seating in cinemas is being upgraded to luxury armchairs
  • Two completely new theatres are being added, allowing us to program  more films & events
  • Cinema 1 will have its stage expanded, improving its capability for live performances
  • Ground floor and upstairs foyer spaces are being renovated to provide warm lounging areas. 
  • The Ritz bar is expanding  to include more of the best local wines and beers, including 10 dedicated craft beer taps

These updates will preserve everything you love about the iconic & beautiful Ritz, while allowing us to remain at the forefront of cinemagoing for the next 85 years and beyond!


There's no place like home... 

Due to the temporary Stay At Home orders, Ritz Cinemas will be closed until restrictions are lifted. Thank you for your understanding and support. We look forward to welcoming you back to the movies soon. 

For more details, head HERE.

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