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“This is a story of a vanishing world, a nostalgic and humorous ode to friendship and youth.” — Writer/director Ivan Bakrac

Five childhood friends from a small Montenegrin town have gradually moved away to different corners of former Yugoslavia, yet they remain in contact, aware that their long-time friendship continues to play a fundamental role in their lives. As they struggle to find their places in the world, the friends realise they can no longer escape the looming responsibilities of adulthood.  

Evoking some of the bittersweet tone of the television series Girls but with a distinctively Balkan edge, After the Winter is an affectionate look at the dynamics of friendship between people in their 20s as they navigate the increasing demands of relationships, responsibility and maturity. Director Ivan Bakrac delivers a spirited testimony of a young post-war generation still grappling with the shadows of the past.   

Montenegro’s submission for the Best International Feature Film Academy Award. 






Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro


Montenegrin, Serbian (English subtitles)


Momcilo Otaševic, Ana Vuckovic, Petar Buric, Maja Šuša, Ivona Kustudic


Ivan Bakrac

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Release Date: 11 Aug 2022

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