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Put some pep in your step with RUNNATION FILM FESTIVAL at the Ritz, a stirring showcase of human interest stories, where running is the main medium of storytelling. Expect a night full of inspiring films, hosted by journalist Kate Allman and presented by HOKA. This year’s RUNNATION line-up will feature six short films with a focus on FKT’s (Fastest Known Times), mental health and conservation.

Finding Salvation is the story of ultra runner, conservationist and father, Kieron Douglass. Kieron’s life is a testament to the human spirit, everything we can achieve and our ability to overcome adversity, Chris Fisher - To Top is a testament to the human spirit and pushing the body to achieve 400k vertical feet in one month. 

The tour will also feature the world premiere of Australian film, The Long Pathway. The film highlights Australian trail runner Lucy Clark's dream of setting the speed record for the 3000km Te Araroa track in New Zealand. 

To grab tickets to RUNNATION, head HERE.

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