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The Ritz is proud to celebrate local films and local talent with an amazing program of short films. 

Don't miss your chance to experience eleven amazing short films from the best of local filmmaking talent. One of these lucky filmmakers will also be awarded our 'Short of the Night' prize, which includes 4 complimentary cinema tickets and another screening at the Ritz Uncovered showcase event.

 Total runtime is 150 minutes. Tickets are $10. See below for a preview of the lineup:

  • Animal Work: An anxious young man goes to a local group therapy session, to find that their practices are somewhat unorthodox. Director & Editor: Zak Marrinan. Producer: Bre Sims. DOP: Sara Ricupito.
  • The Great Escape of Deadeye Doyle: Dylan Doyle, a daydreaming teenager with his head in the clouds, lives a rigid and monotonous life on a farm with his stern father. With the help of his dog Doug, he plans his great escape into the Australian bush to live out his bushranger fantasies. Director: Sammy-Crawford Smith. Producer: Jazz Murphy. DOP: Tom MacDonald. Editor: Andy Hawksford.
  • Refined in the Fire: 95-year-old Holocaust survivor and widow, Olga Wachtel, shares about how adversity has shaped her life. Director, Producer & Editor: Anna Dvorak. DOP: Alec Farrow and Ariane Khalil.
  • Ava: Ava and her best friend Devon push the boundaries of their relationship confronting their feelings for one another. Exposing herself to the truth, questions arise. Who is the real and true Ava and what path will she pursue with the help of her Astral Device? Director & Producer: Simone Neviani. DOP and Editor: Paul Van Kan.
  • Evelyn: After no-one is able to attend her online party, a young girl challenges a party-entertainer-fairy to prove that magic is real. Evelyn’s world changes with a surprising arrival. Director: Isabella Andronos. Producers: Duncan Ragg & Katherine Shearer. DOP: Emma Paine. Editor: Jessie Hildebrand.
  • The Second Coming: JC takes to the comedy stage to dish out material that’s topical, relevant and irreverent, taking the world by storm but not quite according to God’s plan. Director, Producer & Editor: Benjamin Hargrave. Producer: Andrew Towner. DOP: Patrick Jaeger.
  • The Telegram Man: A BAFTA Los Angeles® winner and AACTA® nominee starring Australian screen legends Jack Thompson, Gary Sweet and Sigrid Thornton, THE TELEGRAM MAN explores the impact of World War II on a close-knit Australian farming community – the human cost of war at the home front, those who wait for news at home, how their lives and relationships can be utterly devastated by a war that's taking place far away, hundreds if not thousands of miles away. Director and Producer: James Francis Khehtie. Writers: John Boyne & Victoria Wharfe McIntyre.
  • Max: Max is looking for something more. But what happens when he finds it? A short film about human nature's elusive desire for more, and the cost of achieving and chasing dreams. Director & Producer: Dayne Hudson. Producer: Mick Perry, Oliver Walton. DOP: Matt Stewart. Editor: Mark Parry
  • Krome Strukture: The world has been reaped and ravaged of its natural resources. Groheim, an adolescent boy, returns to the city of Johannesburg where he runs into his childhood friends Stefanu and Robeeka. Groheim is forced to lie to his Nona, who is either surprisingly clued-in, or naïve, about his partaking in the use of the drug Zinc. In an unfortunate turn of events, Groheim learns of the source of a new, and much-needed composite metal, and the system that allows it to happen. Director: Hugh Raper. Producer, DOP & Editor: Sean Conlon. 
  • Bareface: A misguided youth accompanies a local gang on a home robbery. Directors: Nathan Lacey & Nick Lacey. Producers: Mike Searle & Kyan Woodpower. Editor: Nathan Lacey. DOP: Patrick Coe.
  • Appetite: A short film about shame after sex, following a twenty-something woman the day after a one-night stand. Director & Producer: Claudia Bailey. Producer: Mariella S. Solano. DOP: Julian Pertout. Editor: Vanessa Bray. 

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