Ritz Cinemas

Let's Take This Outside

Popping up this Summer, in a laneway behind Ritz is our very special Laneway Cinema, screening films all week long from sundown. The program is filled with an array of new release films, from blockbusters to arthouse fare, as well as Retro Thursdays throughout January. 

Complete with comfortable director's chair seating, a dedicated Ritz Laneway snack bar, blankets available to borrow and headsets for audio, Ritz Laneway Cinema provides a unique, fun, and exciting visit to the movies.

PLEASE NOTE - Ritz Laneway Cinema's liquor license is pending approval, so we cannot yet supply alcohol in this space. Customers will not be permitted to bring alcohol from the Ritz candy bar outside with them until the license is approved, so please enjoy a drink in the bar beforehand. 


Sessions may be changed or cancelled due to inclement weather. For updates on your session, please get in touch with us HERE

If wet weather prevails and the session is cancelled, you will be able to attend an indoor session or have your tickets swapped to another Ritz Laneway session. There are no refunds for Ritz Laneway tickets.


Tickets to Ritz Laneway are according to regular Ritz pricing, with a $2 surcharge. Please note that discount day pricing (Student Monday and Cheap Tuesday) do not apply to Ritz Laneway sessions. Ritz members can enjoy Ritz Laneway films for just $12, so if you aren't a Ritz Royalty member yet, you can sign up here.