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Join us for a special screening of the new Australian drama How Do You Know Chris?, followed by a Q&A with select cast & crew.

How Do You Know Chris?
Chris Black, 28, has invited an assortment of guests to celebrate with him at his Collingwood apartment. There's an open bar with a bartender, serving fancy cocktails and finger food. It's clear no expense has been spared. The only thing missing is their host. Most guests aren't overly familiar with one another, and are initially at great pains to mingle, but as the night goes on that begins to change. Topics of conversation range from the intellectual and political, to some sexual in nature, and many that are just mind-numbingly mundane, but almost every interaction results in one question - "How do you know Chris?" The answers vary, with guests discovering that he is different things to different people. Ex-lovers reunite and old friendships rekindle as it becomes obvious that none of those present are there by accident, not even 19 year old student, Emi Mustafi, who Chris has only met earlier that day. When he does eventually arrive, nothing is any clearer until he calls everyone together to propose a toast. Having said his piece, Chris' real motive becomes apparent.


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