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Get inspired for life at the Gutsy Girls Adventure Film Tour. Featuring a unique selection of films of varying lengths from independent filmmakers from around the globe that showcase the inspiring women of the adventure world. 

Strap yourself in as the 2022 Gutsy Girls Adventure Film Tour takes you running the length of New Zealand, to the summit of Mt Everest, solo hiking in sub-zero temperatures, mountain biking in Utah, breaking through barriers and more.

Showcasing a 2 1/2 hours program of the most heartfelt, inspiring and entertaining films celebrating adventurous women from independent film makers around the globe.

These amazing stories of courage, grit, determination, and outdoor inspiration are focused on bringing the female adventure experience under the spotlight around Australia. Redefining femininity in adventure and championing female athletes is a key part of the Gutsy Girls Adventure Film Tour. Come and celebrate the bold, vibrant women of adventure at one of the 30 screenings around Australia this July and August.

Experience the incredible highs, stunning natural landscapes and emerging communities of the world’s adventurous women. Offering something for all ages, genders and adventure lovers the Gutsy Girls Adventure Film Tour is packed full of adrenaline, inspiration and fuel to fire your passions. The 8 films in the 2022 program promise to delight everyone from the hardcore to the armchair adventurer in equal measure.


Ticket prices:
CHILD 15 yrs and younger: $18

Find out more and view the trailer at: www.GutsyGirlsAdventureFilmTour.com.au


85 Films in 85 Days for our 85th Birthday!

We're screening a film for every year the Ritz has been open, every day for 85 days! Full program HERE.

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