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The Story

Content warning: high impact sexual themes and nudity. This film has received classification exemption, and is recommended for patron aged 15 years and over.

Elli is an android and lives with a man she calls her father. She can recall memories of beach holidays and anything else he programs her to remember. During the day they drift through the summer and at night he takes her to bed. Designed to resemble one of his memories, she seems very much alive - sometimes, she even seems to dream and yet, she remains a machine, a container for those memories that mean everything to him and nothing to her.

These reminiscences seem to have a hold on him - indeed, they have developed a life of their own. One night she sets off into the woods, following a fading echo. She gets lost in the thicket and is found by someone else who takes her in, giving her new memories and a new identity. The story of a machine and the ghosts we all carry within us.


Production note: The filmmakers emphasise that the priority while creating the film was to ensure the wellbeing of the lead actress, Lena Watson, who is underage. Lena's parents were on set every day and heavily involved in the project. A certified sex education specialist for children was employed in order to work with Lena and her parents on the topics of the film (death, loneliness, feelings of guilt and also pedophilia) in a child-friendly manner. During the shoot, Lena wore a silicone mask and a wig every day. All sensitive images were shot with green screen elements and later composited via VFX. In consultation with her and her parents, Lena gave herself an artist name (based on her great role model Emma Watson) and is only mentioned by the name Lena Watson in all public screenings, announcements and publications regarding the film. Her privacy has been protected to the fullest extent. 






Lena Watson, Dominik Warta, Ingrid Burkhard, Jana McKinnon


Sandra Wollner


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