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A pulsating true crime documentary that skilfully pursues the truth behind the unsolved 'Burger Chef Murders'.

In the small town of Speedway, Indianapolis in 1978, four young employees of a Burger Chef restaurant went missing at the end of a Friday night shift. The police initially suspected a petty theft by the work crew. By the time their bodies were found on Sunday and the investigation elevated to multiple murders, the crime scene had been cleaned and re-opened for business. Crafted through stunning reenactments and tense witness interviews, The film unravels mishandled evidence and wild revelations that cater to the most insatiable true crime appetite. However, the film’s real point of difference is the way that the victims are given a stylised agency through the reenactments, walking us through the various theories and facts of the case, ultimately leading us to a shocking new discovery.






Essie Randles, Davida McKenzie, Joseph Cumpston, Nya Cofie, Murray Curtis, Cordell Horsell, Brodie Bowers, Audrey Vincent


Luke Rynderman, Adam Kamien

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