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"The Promise" is a compelling documentary that unfolds as an inspiring story of hope, tracing the remarkable path of Craig Hamilton as he confronts his mental health battles and emerges triumphant over his own suicidal thoughts. This poignant narrative is interwoven with interviews featuring prominent researchers, mental health advocates, survivors of suicide, and individuals who have lost loved ones to this tragic circumstance. Among these voices are Jessica Rowe, Wayne Bennett, Tim Tszyu, Joe Williams, Paul Harragon, Professor Frances Kay-Lambkin and Bailey Seamer, each contributing their unique perspectives to the dialogue. Through Craig's personal journey and the insights of these individuals, the film illuminates the complexities of mental health struggles, addressing them with a blend of sensitivity and candidness that fosters understanding. By weaving together these narratives, "The Promise" powerfully underscores the importance of empathy, action, and connection in the realm of mental health and suicide prevention. This documentary serves as a beacon of hope, igniting conversations, motivating change, and championing a society that not only prioritizes mental well-being but also extends unwavering support to those on the path to recovery.

All profits generated from our Q&A tour will be donated to Lifeline, a vital organization dedicated to providing crucial support and assistance to those in need.





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