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"The visual magnificence of Bertolucci's film is so great that he has removed the project almost beyond criticism." – Hilary Mantel

Thirty-five years ago, this film swept up nine Academy Awards – every category in which it was eligible. It has aged majestically, and cinema today is no more lavish; its imagery no more ravishing; nor its historical scope more compelling. It’s the astonishing story of Pu Yi, the boy made Emperor of China at barely three years of age; a virtual prisoner in the Forbidden City until adulthood; then exiled in Tientsin and Manchuria before a decade in a Maoist “re-education camp”; and finally, a gardener in Beijing’s Botanical Gardens. The great Bernardo Bertolucci is assisted by his ‘holy trinity’ – cinematographer Vittorio Storaro, production designer Ferdinando Scarfiotti and costume designer James Acheson, with a soundtrack by Ryuichi Sakamoto, David Byrne and Cong Su. Cinema Reborn is proud to present the premiere Australian screening of the new 4K restoration of The Last Emperor on the big screen at The Ritz.

A masterpiece…a fully shaped historical epic that allows us to understand the complex character of Pu Yi.” — Oliver Stone

If you like to exit your movies feeling as though you’ve really seen the best in quality production, see this one.” — Rob Lowing, Sun-Herald

From the vintage cars, the palaces and actual footage of an ever-changing China, The Last Emperor is a visual masterpiece.” — Liverpool Echo

The 8pm screening on Saturday 29 April will be introduced by Linda Jaivin and Professor Jing Han.

Linda Jaivin is the author of twelve books including The Shortest History of China, essayist, translator and cultural commentator.

Professor Jing Han is the Director of Institute for Australian and Chinese Arts and Culture at Western Sydney University and former Head of SBS Subtitling.

Watch the 1988 Oscars for the Best Picture and Best Director Awards to The Last Emperor and Bernardo Bertolucci here.






China, France, United Kingdom, Italy




John Lone, Joan Chen, Peter O’Toole, Ryuichi Sakamoto


Bernardo Bertolucci

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