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The Gift That Gives follows the story of Callum Mori (Takaya Honda), the author of a book entitled, The Gift That Gives. He makes his first television appearance as a guest of The Arts Corner television show, presented by Kate Sedgeman (Lily Brown-Griffiths), who falls for him. Callum, however, falls for her best friend, Linda (HaiHa Le). Linda owns the bookshop where Callum launches his book but luckily for Kate, fate brings her and Callum’s brother, Austin (Damien Sato) together, as they discover hidden love letters, signed by aliases. Jointly, they all try to find out who penned them.

The production is shot entirely in Sydney, written, directed and produced by Joy Hopwood (The Script of Life, Rhapsody of Live, Get a Life, Alright!) with a stellar cast. They include: Takaya Honda (Neighbours), HaiHa Le (Packed to the Rafters), Lily Brown-Griffiths (The Script of Life), Damien Sato (Rhapsody of Love), Susan Ling-Young (The Office) and Lex Marinos (OAM). Accompanied by a great supporting cast who include, Maria Tran (Last King of the Cross), Andy Trieu (SBS PopAsia), Genevieve Craig (Chikas), and Atharv Kolhatkar (The Marriage Agency).





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