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Release Date: 16 May 2024

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The Story

Marc escapes with his team to a small village in the Cevennes to finish his film at his aunt Denise's house. There, his creativity explodes in a million ideas that plunge him into some serious chaos. Marc starts writing The Book of Solutions, a practical advice guide that could be the solution to all his problems...






Pierre Niney, Camille Rutherford, Blanche Gardin, Vincent Elbaz, Françoise Lebrun, Frankie Wallach


Michel Gondry

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Release Date: 07 Jul 2024

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Roman Holiday (1953)

Release Date: 21 Dec 2024

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The Apartment (1960)

Release Date: 23 Nov 2024

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City Lights (1931)

Release Date: 09 Nov 2024

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Duck Soup (1933)

Release Date: 19 Oct 2024

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Some Like it Hot (1959)

Release Date: 12 Oct 2024

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Release Date: 06 Oct 2024

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La La Land (2016)

Release Date: 22 Sep 2024

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