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Iconic star of stage and screen John Waters celebrates the songs of the British Pop Invasion that changed modern music forever.

The newest show from John Waters, featuring Stewart D’Arrietta and the Chartbusters presents an era of music that remains in the cellular memory of fans over generations.

From the evocative strains of 'Where Do You Go to My Lovely', the memory-dredging 'Waterloo Sunset' and 'To Love Somebody, to the infectious grooves of Itchycoo Park and the anthemic My Generation, Waters and his band reprise and reinvent the classic hits.

When commercial radio licences were not available in the 1960’s UK, pop and rock music was broadcast from Luxembourg, a clever move by the British record industry to circumnavigate the laws of the day. With his six-piece band and singers in brilliant voice, Waters recounts this loophole, anecdotes and moving memories of the era, taking the audience through the time continuum to songs that resound over decades.

The Beatles exploded onto the scene followed by so many more, and the British Invasion truly began, including The Moody Blues, the Kinks, The Who, and scores of others. Their legendary songs live on stage as Radio Luxembourg are a stirring and enjoyable experience. It’s impossible to keep still!

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Doors: 4:30pm
First Show: 5:00pm
Interval: 5:50pm
Second Show: 6:10pm
End: 7pm




John Waters

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