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Delightful and critically acclaimed comedy of errors with outstanding performances by Marcin Dorocinski and Julia Wyszynska.


A comedy of errors about the vicissitudes of two married couples. Michal and Ewa lead a relatively stable life, devoted to work and Ewa’s second pregnancy. Meanwhile, Kasia and Bartek, their best friends who live next door, are facing severe financial problems that cause tension between them. Unexpectedly for everyone, in the heat of a quarrel Kasia reveals to her husband that she once spent the night with Michal. In an instant, love and friendship are placed in doubt. Seemingly innocent lies create a spiral of further misunderstandings. The chaos accelerates when debt collectors, the police and a nosey neighbour all get involved in the marital dispute.

Grzybowski manages to captivate the viewer from the very beginning. Undoubtedly, it is due to the efficient script and great acting, but the director in an impressive way keeps his film in check. The pace of the action is well maintained only to erupt in the third act”. Filmozercy


WINNER: Audience Award I Debut Film Festival in Koszalin I 2021

WINNER: Jantar Best Actor I Debut Film Festival in Koszalin I 2021

NOMINATED: Grand Jantar Best Feature Debut I Debut Film Festival in Koszalin I 2021

NOMINATED: Grand Jantar Best Fim I Debut Film Festival in Koszalin I 2021

NOMINATED: Best Film I Polish Film Festival I 2020








Marcin Dorocinski, Agnieszka Duleba-Kasza, Julia Wyszynska, Dobromir Dymecki


Michal Grzybowski

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