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Sherina's Adventure 2

SHERINA, the brave little adventurer, now works as a journalist at a major TV network. Her latest assignment sends her deep into the jungles of Kalimantan to cover the release of a pair of orangutans, a mother and its baby, by an orangutan conservation NGO. In Kalimantan, Sherina is reunited with her childhood friend, SADAM, who turns out to be the athletic and charismatic director of the NGO. When Sadam brings Sherina to meet SAYU, the baby orangutan, Sherina immediately falls in love.

After the orangutans are released, trouble ensues as Sayu is kidnapped by a group of criminals sent by a wealthy Jakartan socialite intent on making Sayu her pet. Although once best friends, now Sherina and Sadam are two very different individuals. They must look past their differences in order to beat the criminals and save the baby orangutan.








Indonesian with English subtitles

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Release Date: 27 Jun 2024

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