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If machines can be smarter than people, is humanity really anything special?

MACHINE is a film about Artificial Intelligence – the most radical new technology of our time. What is AI, how is it created and what will it mean for the way we work, play, live and learn? What will happen when we’re no longer the smartest ones on the planet? And who, if anyone, is controlling the rise of this new technology?

MACHINE talks to world-renowned experts, the people who are creating, researching and controlling this new technology. Story chapters address many of the key issues at stake – AI companions, the dilemma of driverless cars, autonomous warfare, using AI to create human super-intelligence and the very real possibility of a Robot Apocalypse. At times optimistic, thought-provoking and awe-inspiring. 

MACHINE looks not only at the practical applications of AI, but also the ethical questions raised by these new developments.

MACHINE is directed by Justin Krook and produced by the team behind Chef’s Table.






Justin Krook

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Release Date: 09 Jul 2020

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Release Date: 09 Jul 2020

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