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“Injected with a humor indicative of a people who’ve experienced a harsh reality, The Future grapples with heady concepts of right and wrong, powered by two outstanding performances from actors up to the task. A good film gets you to think and a great one challenges the way you see the world. Kaplan has crafted something great.” — Elements of Madness

Suffused with a potent irony, and powered by two riveting performances, The Future balances sympathy for its main characters with an unsentimental grasp of the issues at stake. Rated 100% on Rotten Tomatoes, this taut, engrossing drama premiered at the Tribecca International Film Festival and pares the struggle for liberation down to its essence.

When Israel’s Minister of Space and Tourism is murdered in the lead-up to the country’s first mission to the moon, Yaffa, a young Arab university student from the occupied West Bank, confesses to the murder. Scientist Nurit asks for permission to interview the assassin. As the pioneer of The Future Project, an algorithm-based program meant to predict acts of terrorism, Nurit is convinced that the unrepentant Yaffa is withholding her whole motivation. The two women face off, determined to give nothing away, over a potentially fraught series of encounters. As the truth is exposed — and the spacecraft carrying a nation’s dreams nears its destination — an increasingly disillusioned Nurit inches towards a profoundly troubling realization.


Unclassified 15+






Hebrew, Arabic (English subtitles)


Noam Kaplan

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