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Australian Premiere

“Darkly comedic.” - Variety

When the dead body of a renowned economist is discovered in his apartment by his four closest friends, the quartet is faced with a difficult dilemma — what to do next. Stopping short of making funeral arrangements, it suddenly occurs to the group that their friend was on the cusp of winning the Nobel Prize. Determined to retain some integrity for their friend, they decide to keep the secret for a few days. They close the blinds, blast the air conditioning, and start taking shifts tending to the body. It’s not long before they find themselves staging fake phone calls and desperately looking for spare keys, all in the name of keeping their friend “alive.”

Fluctuating between broad comedy and intelligent character drama, and playing like a Jewish version of The Big ChillStockholm is, above all, an endearing portrait of friendship in the twilight years.

Language: Hebrew (English subtitles)






Sasson Gabai, Doval'e Glickman, Gidi Gov


Daniel Syrkin

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