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The Story

In the late 40s, Holocaust survivors emigrated to Australia via boat. On those same boats were thousands of Nazis and Nazi collaborators from the Baltic and other states, some of whom were given safe passage by the Australian authorities despite their known history of war crimes.

When three Melbourne brothers: Jack, Jon and Sam, stumble upon a family secret, they embark on a journey to uncover the truth. Allegedly, their father Boris, a WWII Partisan and Holocaust survivor, travelled from Melbourne where he had settled after the war, to Sydney in the late 1950s to undertake a revenge killing against a Nazi. With the help of a private investigator, the brothers unearth an unexpected web of Nazi networks, covert Jewish vigilante groups, and multiple cases of Nazis who mysteriously died or disappeared in post-WWII Australia. The further they delve into the past, the more the brothers are left to grapple with mounting evidence and uncomfortable truths about a father they thought they knew.

A thrilling documentary that deals with deep questions of morality — including taking justice into your own hands — and dares to ask whether we ever really know our parents.


Unclassified 15+








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