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The Story

Award-winning filmmaker Karen Yedaya’s Red Fields is a poetic, at times surreal, but ultimately sensitive adaptation of the legendary anti-war Israeli rock opera Mami. Written by Hillel Mittelpunkt, Mami became a cult play in the 1980’s. Mami, beautifully played here by Neta Elkayam, is a young Sephardi woman who works as a gas station cashier in a poor Israeli development town in the southern periphery, and dreams of a better future with her beloved husband Nissim upon his return from the front. Everything changes when Nissim is brought home paralyzed. Mami decides to rewrite her destiny by leaving for the big city, Tel Aviv. With sixteen songs recorded live on screen by Dudu Tassa and Nir Maimon, this cinematic musical breaks ground in format, storytelling, and creativity.






Neta Elkayam, Dudu Tassa, Ami Abu, Eran Zur, Yuval Banai, Riki Gal, Riyad Sliman


Keren Yedaya