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Graced by two fantastic lead performances, Here We Are is a film about the triumphs, the sadness, and the quiet moments of tenderness that make up so much of our lives. Shai Avivi plays Aharon, a stubborn and proud divorcé; Noam Imber plays Uri, his autistic son. The two have lived a harmonious life together for years, but time is catching up with them: Uri is now an adult, and his mother is pushing for him to enter an institution and shift to more independent living. But the two men are reluctant to separate, and together must find a way for their lives to continue apart from each other. 

A kind and compassionate drama, Here We Are touches on the strengths of family ties, the rights of the differently abled, and the challenges of ageing, and won the Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor Awards at the 2020 Ophir Awards (Israeli Oscars).






Nir Bergman

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