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“Elik and Jimmy is not only a brave movie, but also a fun one, self-aware and chock-full of homages to classical romantic comedies” — Calcalist

“A witty, poignant and funny film. Contemporary and full of hope, very Tel Avivian, very Israeli. The screenplay, the direction, the excellent acting and the artistic design combine beautifully to create an uplifting romantic comedy” — HIFF Jury

A delightfully sharp and witty romantic comedy set in Tel Aviv. Jimmy and Eli meet while serving in the Israeli army on their last day of service. Despite being opposites — he’s an overweight, underachieving corporal, she is a gorgeous smart-mouthed officer — there’s a spark. After their shift, he asks her on a date, but she rejects him based on his looks. They meet again over the years; randomly running into each other, messaging on social media, then occasionally hanging out, and eventually becoming friends in their 30s. Once friends, the two realize they still click. They’re left wondering, should they put their differences aside and give love a chance?


Unclassified 15+






Hebrew (English subtitles)


Gudis Schneider