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Australian Premiere

“This is juicy television.” - Times of Israel

2019, Israel, in a world not so dissimilar to our own. The technologies are the same, people face the same daily problems and religious tensions are high. In the world of Autonomies however, the nation is divided by a wall between the secular ‘State of Israel’, with Tel Aviv as its capital, and the ‘Haredi Autonomy’ led from Jerusalem, and run by an ultra-orthodox religious group.
Briode, a Haredi smuggler who can go between the two states due to his position as a mortuary driver, receives a life-changing job offer. He is asked by one of the highest ranking members of his community to kidnap his granddaughter, who was switched at birth to a family from the secular side of the wall. JIFF will screen all six episodes.

Language: Hebrew, Yiddish (English subtitles)






Asi Cohen, Shuli Rand, Rotem Sela, Dov Navon, Tali Sharon


Yehonatan Indursky

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