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“A complex portrait of a strong and inspiring woman who believes in the justice of her path with all her heart.” - Judging panel, DocAviv Film Festival 

Lea Tsemel defends Palestinians: from feminists to fundamentalists, from nonviolent demonstrators to armed militants. As a Jewish-Israeli lawyer who has represented political prisoners for five decades, Tsemel, in her tireless quest for justice, pushes the praxis of a human rights defender to its limits. Advocate follows Tsemel’s caseload in real time, and reflects on the political significance of her work and the personal price one pays for taking on the role of ‘devil’s advocate’. Winner Best Israeli Documentary at the 2019 DocAviv Film Festival.

Language: Hebrew, Arabic, English (English subtitles)







Lea Tsemel, Michael Warschawski


Rachel Leah Jones & Philippe Bellaiche

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