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“A terrifyingly claustrophobic experience.”

Australian Premiere

Rie, a PR coordinator, visits Copenhagen Metro’s new tunnel boring construction site to portray the company’s efforts as a perfect example of a well-oiled intra- European collaboration. When an accident occurs, she takes refuge in an airlock inside the tunnel boring machine with a Croatian miner and a worker from Eritrea. They put their lives and bodies in each other’s hands to survive the heat, pressure and mud in the cramped cutterhead, exposing their radically different world views and forcing them to reconsider their lives. A survival film of nail-biting claustrophobia.

Festival Appearances/Awards:

2019 Prague International Film Festival, 2019 Festival of Tolerance



Content Warnings: 

Graphic violence.






Christine Sønderris, Kresimir Mikic, Samson Semere


Rasmus Kloster Bro

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