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Die Theorie von Allem

Australian Premiere

"A sumptuous homage to Hitchcock packaged as a metaphysical noir" - Variety

1962. Johannes Leinert, together with his doctoral advisor, travels to a physics congress in the Swiss Alps, where an Iranian scientist is set to reveal a groundbreaking theory of quantum mechanics. But when the physicists arrive at the five-star hotel, the Iranian guest is nowhere to be found. Johannes is quickly distracted and fascinated by the mysterious and elusive jazz pianist, Karin. Something about her seems strange, elusive. She seems to know things about him — things that he thought only he knew about.

When one of the German physicists is found dead and a bizarre cloud formation appears in the sky, Johannes finds himself dragged into a sinister story of false memories, real nightmares, impossible love and a dark, roaring mystery hidden beneath the mountain.

Timm Kröger’s sumptuously shot black-and-white murder mystery is a delightful blend of Hitchcockian thrills and mind-bending metaphysical twists and turns.

Winner of the Bisato d’Oro Best Film Award at Venice Film Festival


Unclassified 18+




Austria, Switzerland, Germany


German, French, Swiss, German (English subtitles)


Timm Kröger

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