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"A witty, incisive satire on the modern obsession with self-actualization, which is also, to those of us with heightened sensitivity to social awkwardness, 98 masochistic minutes of second-hand squirm." – Variety

Young entrepreneurial tech couple André and Vera get the chance to pitch their women's health app at a prestigious competition at a weekend retreat. Before going there, Vera decides to ‘better’ herself by using hypnotherapy to quit smoking. Unbeknownst to André, the hypnosis alters Vera’s behaviour and lowers her inhibitions with disastrous and outrageously comedic consequences. With their looming presentation, the couple face some wince-inducing moments of escalating social embarrassment. André is left questioning their relationship, his own repressed behaviour, and the woman he thought he knew.

Coupled with two game performances from Herbert Nordrum (The Worst Person in the World) and Asta Kamma August, The Hypnosis is a darkly funny portrait of a relationship on the brink and the modern obsession with self-actualization.

Winner of Best Actor for Herbert Nordrum at Karlovy Vary International Film Festival


Unclassified 18+




France, Norway, Sweden


English, Norwegian, Swedish (English subtitles)


Ernst De Geer

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