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Prišla v noci

Australian Premiere

"A hilarious comedy about generational conflict and inconvenient guests" - Collider

Thirty-something couple Aneta and Jirka lead a peaceful life in their modest inner-city apartment. When Jirka’s mother Valerie appears on their doorstep unexpectedly, their calm existence slowly turns into chaos. Taking the mother-in-law from hell and running with it, Valerie is an energetic diva and force of nature who slowly takes over not only the space of the apartment but also the minds of its inhabitants.

A creeping home invasion of sorts is gathering strength, certainties are being shaken and the already thin boundaries of privacy begin to break down to hilarious and squirm-inducing effect. In this riotous and unnerving Czech comedy, directors Jan Vejner and Tomáš Pavlícek ask the question we’ve all pondered at some point, where does a family visit end and a home invasion begin?

Co-presented with the Czech and Slovak Film Festival of Australia


Unclassified 18+




Czech Republic


Czech (English subtitles)


Jan Vejnar, Tomáš Pavlícek

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