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“The pursuit of love takes on a literal — and highly physical — meaning over 24 helter-skelter hours in this dynamic yet deeply felt drama.” — Variety

After her boyfriend, Vytas, experiences a psychotic episode and disappears, Maria is determined to find and help him. Chasing every clue about his whereabouts, she embarks on a fast-paced odyssey through the city. Always one step behind and against all odds, she fights for both, her love and her freedom.  

This fast-paced drama set over 24-hours and scored by a pulsating electronic soundtrack evokes the nervy adrenaline rush of films such as Run Lola Run and Uncut Gems. Newcomer Zygimante Jakstaite is astonishing in the lead role as Maria, and has earned comparisons with Jennifer Lawrence due to the levels of intensity she brings to the role.  

As the film develops more and more backstory is provided, challenging the audience to reevaluate our assumptions about the characters. A rich thematic complexity emerges about the nature of Maria’s relationship to Vytas, and Runner compels us to ask some uncomfortable questions about the type of relationship Maria has with him. 






Czech Republic, Lithuania


Lithuanian (English subtitles)


Zygimante Jakstaite, Marius Repsys, Laima Akstinaite


Andrius Blaževicius

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Release Date: 11 Aug 2022

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Release Date: 11 Aug 2022

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