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“Director Alix Delaporte peeks behind the curtains of a bustling Parisian newsroom in a film memoir serving as an homage for the trade.” — Film Anarchy

Gabrielle has just joined a prestigious news program. With no formal training, she must prove herself and find her place among an experienced team of special correspondents. In the heat of the action, she will learn the language and the code of these reporters, who are always passionate, often funny, and sometimes scarred by life and their profession. And then there’s Vincent, the program’s editor-in-chief, who she can’t help challenging and being drawn to.

Director Alix Delaporte draws from her background as a news cameraperson giving the film an urgent pulsating authenticity, capturing the energy of the newsroom. The film's attention to detail celebrates the world of international TV reportage while lamenting a profession that is slowly eroding as audience figures decline and network executives are driven by more cost-effective measures.

Official Selection Venice Film Festival


Unclassified 15+






French (English subtitles)


Alix Delaporte

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