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Australian premiere

"There were a few movies at this year’s Berlinale about middle-aged women figuring out who they are separate to their familial responsibilities, of which “Matria” was both the angriest and the most fun ...This scrappy little movie is a joy." – Critic’s Notebook

Ramona's life in a Galician fishing village is a constant hustle, working two jobs just to keep herself from sliding into financial strife and provide what she can for her 18-year-old daughter. When her main employer tries to force Ramona and her colleagues to return to a minimum wage despite years of service, she impulsively decides to quit. This sets her life in frantic motion as she desperately searches for work while also trying to decide what the next chapter in her life holds.

Director Álvaro Gago’s vibrant feature debut has at its centre an unapologetic heroine, played brilliantly by María Vázquez. The film's kinetic pace and the unrelenting tension of Ramona fighting to stay ahead in the game make for an intoxicating and invigorating film experience.

Winner of the Best Actress Award for María Vázquez at Festival de Malaga

Nominated for Best New Director for Álvaro Gago and Best Leading Actress for María Vázquez at the Goya Awards (Spanish Oscars)


Unclassified 15+






Galician (English subtitles)


Álvaro Gago

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