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Making Of

Australian premiere

“An enjoyable watch: a droll social comedy that interrogates the cost and chaos of the creative process.” — Screen International

Simon, a well-known French filmmaker, starts shooting his next film — a story about workers fighting to protect their factory from being relocated — but nothing goes as planned. His producer Viviane wants to rewrite the ending and is threatening to cut the budget; his own crew goes on strike; his personal life is in shambles; and to make things worse, his lead actor Alain is an egocentric jerk.

Joseph, an extra who wants to get into the film industry, agrees to direct the ‘making of’ and shoot the behind-the-scenes. What follows is proof that this can sometimes be far better than the film itself!

Director Cédric Khan’s life-imitating art comedy joins a prestigious list of films like Fellini’s 8 ½ and more recently Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood that interrogates the filmmaking process while blurring the line between truth and fiction.

Winner of the Cinema & Arts Award at Venice Film Festival


Unclassified 18+






French (English subtitles)


Cédric Kahn

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