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Los Buenos Modales

Australian Premiere

Manuela and Rosario are two sisters who, after years without speaking to each other because of a family secret, unexpectedly meet again on their grandchildren’s birthday. The children have met thanks to their nannies and maids, Trini and Milagros, inseparable friends and neighbours. When they discover the fraught family situation, a plot is hatched and they try with a lot of love, clumsiness and a bit of nonsense, to reconcile the two sisters.

An enjoyable feminist story with a bright, colourful aesthetic and production design that strongly nods to the films of Pedro Almodovar, including featuring Almodovar regular player Gloria Muñoz. Good Manners confirms director Marta Díaz de Lope Dïaz's status as one of Spain's freshest emerging voices.


Unclassified 15+






Spanish (English subtitles)


Marta Díaz de Lope Díaz

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