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“A curative for the romanticism of The Godfather and Scarface.” — Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times

Power, money and blood: these are the values that the residents of the Province of Caserta, between the cities of Aversa and Casal di Principe, have to face every day. They hardly ever have a choice, and are forced to obey the rules of the system, the Camorra. Only a lucky few can even think of leading a normal life. Five stories are woven together in this violent scenario, set in a cruel and apparently imaginary world, but one which is deeply rooted in reality. 

When Gomorrah was originally released in 2008, writer/director Matteo Garrone (DogmanTale of Tales) was praised and awarded for the film’s serious, unromanticised and almost documentary-style portrayal of organised crime in Italy and the devastating impact it had on all levels of society. For this new version Garrone has re-evaluated his film with fresh eyes, and has shortened the run time and made key scenes clearer, without compromising the overall structure of the film. 

Melbourne screenings presented by Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Melbourne. 








Neapolitan, Italian (English subtitles)


Toni Servillo, Gianfelice Imparato, Maria Nazionale, Salvatore Cantalupo


Matteo Garrone

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Release Date: 11 Aug 2022

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Release Date: 11 Aug 2022

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