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Australian premiere

“Sudabeh Mortezai’s caustic, unique take on a shadowy corporation expanding into Albania is part neo-colonial satire, part dystopian thriller — The Film Verdict

Beate is an ambitious executive working at EUROPA, a mysterious corporation looking to expand into the Balkans region. Seemingly promoting philanthropy and investment in underdeveloped areas, EUROPA actually needs to buy off lands from locals in a remote valley in Albania using Beate as the main negotiator for this ambiguous mission. But things don't go as planned when she is challenged by Jetnor, a stubborn and spiritual farmer who refuses to leave the land of his ancestors.

Led by an enigmatic performance from Lilith Stangenberg, Europa is a tense, low-key thriller that slowly reveals itself as this shady corporation's plans for this unsuspecting farming community become shockingly clear.

Official Competition at London Film Festival


Unclassified 18+






German, Albanian, English (English subtitles)


Sudabeh Mortezai

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