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Australian premiere

“An intelligent deconstruction of toxic masculinity with a script full of surprises.” — Espinof

Toni and Emilio both receive the same tragic phone call: their wives are in comas after an avalanche at a ski resort. When they reach the admissions desk at the hospital, they make a startling discovery: their wives are, in fact, the same person... Laura. For years, Laura has been secretly leading parallel lives... and riding a crazy roller-coaster between her two families. Forced to stay together until Laura wakes up and can be moved from the hospital, Emilio and Toni find themselves embroiled in a fight to prove who is her one and only, true husband.

Leads Paco León and Ernesto Alterio — two of the biggest names in Spanish comedy — have lots of fun with this hilarious, yet nuanced, take on the odd couple buddy movie. Co-Husbands throws some subversive curveballs on the nature of bromances and masculinity, and its winning premise is destined to be remade by Hollywood.


Unclassified 18+






Spanish (English subtitles)


Lucía Alemany

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