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Una Sterminata Domenica

Australian premiere

An Endless Sunday is a visually arresting and intellectually stimulating exploration of the complexities of youth and the relentless pursuit of self-discovery. It dares to challenge and provoke, and director Alain Parroni doesn’t hold back.” — Film Inquiry

Brenda, Alex and Kevin are three outsiders caught between the provinces and the heart of the great Italian capital, Rome. They drift aimlessly through a month of Sundays, but when Brenda learns she is pregnant, the teenagers are confronted with the responsibilities of growing up for the first time. Their independence and freedom, as well as their suffering as social outsiders, are put to the test.

Produced by Wim Wenders, Alain Parroni’s stunning debut feature is a hypnotic and visually ravishing ode to lost youth, finding moments of beauty and wonder in the lives of these teens living on the margins of Rome.

Winner of the FIPRESCI Prize - Best Film from Orizzonti and the International Film Critics’ Week at Venice Film Festival


Unclassified 18+




Germany, Ireland, Italy


Italian (English subtitles)


Alain Parroni

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