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Esperando a Dali

Australian premiere

"It sweetens the audience's eyes, makes people fall in love with a passion for cooking, and connects us with the love for ideas." —  Cronica

Set in the 70s during the dying days of the Franco regime, Fernando, a talented chef and political activist, is hiding from the authorities after an anti-Franco demonstration is ambushed by the authorities. He and his political comrades take refuge in the village of Cadaqués, also home to internationally renowned surrealist artist Salvador Dalí. As a cover, Fernando takes on the role of head chef for ‘El Surreal’ — a restaurant dedicated to the art of Dali — owned by an obsessive fan who wants nothing more than for Dali to dine there. Soon, the paths of the chef and the artist will cross and cause the birth of a new culinary genius.

Inspired by the origin story of the restaurant El Bulli, director David Pujol has created a delightful, sunny comedy that correlates the passion for food (depicted here in mouth-watering detail) and the drive to create a lasting legacy be it through, art, food or social justice.


Unclassified 18+






Spanish, French (English subtitles)


David Pujol

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