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A world beyond your experience, beyond your imagination.

In the year 10191, a spice called melange is the most valuable substance known in the universe, and its only source is the desert planet Arrakis. A royal decree awards Arrakis to Duke Leto Atreides and ousts his bitter enemies, the Harkonnens. However, when the Harkonnens violently seize back their fiefdom, it is up to Paul (Kyle MacLachlan), Leto's son, to lead the Fremen, the natives of Arrakis, in a battle for control of the planet and its spice. Based on Frank Herbert's epic novel.






Kyle MacLachlan, Francesca Annis, Patrick Stewart, Linda Hunt


David Lynch

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The Fifth Element (1997)

Release Date: 16 Oct 2020

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The Batwoman (1968)

Release Date: 13 Nov 2020

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Die Another Day (2002)

Release Date: 25 Oct 2020

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Blue Velvet (1986)

Release Date: 22 Oct 2020

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Release Date: 21 Oct 2020

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