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‘Heroes aren’t necessarily what they’re cracked up to be in this gentle watch that has all the right messaging’ — The Guardian

A fun and gentle superhero story that champions some of the overlooked and not so obvious abilities that can save the day.

Hedvig is an 11-year-old gaming enthusiast who finds her life turned upside down when she is forced to replace her father as the town’s resident superhero, Super Lion, much sooner than expected. Awkward and clumsy, Hedvig is not the ideal of what a superhero should be, and the challenges she faces to live up to the destiny forced upon, and her father’s expectations, are far greater than anticipated. Hedvig’s dad decides his focus must shift to his athletic and arrogant nephew Adrian instead. Dejected and confused, Hedvig visits her grandmother and an unlikely team emerges. Soon Hedvig is about to fulfil the family legacy without her father’s knowledge and by using her own particular skills and abilities.

Festivals/Awards: Berlin International Film Festival, San Sebastián International Film Festival, Giffoni Film Festival, SCHLiNGEL - International Film Festival for Children and Young Audience

Dress up as your favourite super hero to win prizes at select sessions.


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Rasmus A Sivertsen

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