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Melbourne and Sydney Premiere

‘Celestine's innocence is important, and Ernest's experience is, too. They come together, though, in tenderness and understanding. It's beautiful.’  — RogerEbert.com

A joyous return to the big screen for Ernest the grizzly bear and Celestine the mouse. While they may have their differences, their strong friendship makes them as endearing as ever.

In this exciting new animated adventure, the pair travel back to Ernest's country, Gibberitia, to fix his broken violin. This mysterious land is home to the best musicians in the world, however, upon arriving, our heroes discover that music has been banned, and for them, a life without music is unthinkable. Along with the help of new friends they meet on the way, including a mysterious masked outlaw, Ernest and Celestine must try their best to bring music and happiness back to the land of bears.

Festivals/Awards: Annecy International Animation Film Festival, New York International Children's Film Festival (Grand Prize winner)


All Ages




France, Luxembourg




Julien Chheng, Jean-Christophe Roger

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