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Australian Premiere

A story of adventure, self-realisation and heroism for the whole family, set against the diverse, picturesque, and ever-changing backdrop of the great Monarch butterfly migration.

This is the heart-warming tale of a gutsy and loveable one-winged butterfly named Patrick, who stows away in a milkweed trailer in order to be part of the journey of a lifetime. Along with his best friend, a goofy caterpillar named Marty, and Jennifer, a butterfly who is afraid of heights, Patrick will become an unlikely hero. But first he must face his fear, embrace his uniqueness and triumph over adversity while battling changing weather patterns, humans and three evil birds bent on revenge. Patrick and his friends learn that their differences are less important than the bonds they share, and it is in adversity that their true character shines through.

Festivals/Awards: SCHLiNGEL International Film Festival for Children and Young Audience, Chicago International Children's Film Festival (Animated Feature Film 1st Prize from The Children's Jury Awards)

Parental guidance: Some scenes may be too intense for very young viewers


All Ages




Canada, Germany




Sophie Roy

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