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The Story

Chase That Feeling is an adventure travel feature film about two best mates who travel the world to chase that feeling; the freedom of adventure and adrenaline rush of the extreme sports they love – surfing, snowboarding and skydiving.

From a young age these two childhood friends, Blake ‘BT’ Thornton and Matt ‘Gilso’ Gilsenan, had surfing as a common interest, and as the years went on their skills improved and they started to push each other further out of their comfort zones.

When Gilso & BT are not adventuring, they’re your everyday Aussie blokes slogging it out as a carpenter and a lifeguard. Saving enough money to fund their next trip, they drop the tools for a snowboard and swap a rescue board for a surfboard. They pack up and pile into a van to hit the open road in search of new destinations and to chase swell and snow across the globe. They find freedom in empty waves, back country mountains and at fourteen thousand feet above the earth.

They explore the rugged wilderness of Alaska, Iceland, Canada, Tahiti, New Zealand and some hidden gems in their home country Australia. They surf the infamous reef break Teahupo’o in Tahiti and tackle the highest peaks in the pinnacle of snowboarding Alaska.

Matt Gilsenan and Blake Thornton 

Colin Clarke 






Blake ‘BT’ Thornton, Matt ‘Gilso’ Gilsenan, Scott ‘Disco’ Hiscoe, Jussi Gznar, Mark ‘Sticks’ Croker, Noah Cohen, Kevin Sansalone, Chris Rasman, Ryan Tiene, Andreas Wiig, Christian Whyte, Michel Bourez, Matahi Drollet, Pete Devries

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