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Two days in the lives of Aboriginal bands

Wrong Side of the Road operates on many levels: as a road movie, a protest film, a political film, a rock film’, and as a collaboration between the filmmakers, the community and the musicians featured in the film. Its strong documentary feel adds to the immersive drama which realistically and relelentlessly confronts the effects of institutional racism.

Port Adelaide to Point Pearce. Cars, cops, cattle stations and driving rock and reggae. Two days in the lives of Aboriginal bands, US MOB and NO FIXED ADDRESS. These were two of the first Aboriginal bands to be writing in a contemporary style about their own lives and playing to a wide audience. In the film the band members play themselves and the events of the film are based on their real life experiences and those of their community.






Leslie Graham, Chris Jones, Veronica Rankine, Bart Willoughby, John Miller, Ronne Ansell, Peter Butler, Carroll Karpany


Ned Lander

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