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A highly infectious comedy.

Surely the sole comedy set in a venereal diseases clinic, The Clinic boasts a high laugh rate and a strong sense of empathy for its characters. Screenwriter Greg Millin draws on his experience working at a sexual health clinic to make the film truly educational. But it's the film's progressively positive portrayal of queer and minority characters that qualifies as its most radical feature.

Medical student Paul Armstrong (Simon Burke) arrives at a busy Melbourne VD (venereal disease) clinic. Paul intends to study the work of Dr Eric Linden (Chris Haywood), Dr Carol Young (Rona McLeod) and Dr Hassad (Max Bruch). In the course of his one-day visit Paul encounters a diverse collection of patients including gay man Charlie (Geoff Parry), middle-class woman Nancy (Veronica Lang), and Carl (Martin Sharman), who has contracted a sexual disease after cheating on his fiancée.

Saturday session includes a post-screening Q&A with producer Bob Weiss.






Chris Haywood, Simon Burke, Gerda Nicholson, Rona McLeod, Suzanne Roylance


David Stevens

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